On my way…


Today I started my 3 day trek to the field station. I made it to Lima. When I came out of customs I saw a hotel driver waiting with a sign that said Krista and a last name that resembled mine only in that it began with an “L”  so I went with her.  I am sitting in my hotel room now (or perhaps the other krista L’s hotel room) enjoying the last few hours of solid, uninterrupted internet before I continue on tomorrow. It was dark when I arrived in Lima but from what I have seen it is unlike anywhere else I have been. I have a massive head cold so the warm, humid air is actually really nice and everyone I have met has been so friendly. I am struck by how little spanish I remember (let’s blame it on the dayquil). I’m hoping that some of it will come back to me as the trip progresses. Of course, once I get to the field station I’m not sure how much spanish I will be using. I called home and talked to the family for a few minutes. It was so nice to hear their voices. It’s only been a day and already I miss them all so much!


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