At the hostel in Puerto Maldonado.


Tonight I am staying at a quaint little hostel in Puerto Maldonado with seven other people from my course. It is my first time staying at a hostel and I am pleasantly surprised at how nice it is. The other people in my group all seem very nice, which is good since I will be spending quite a bit of time with them over the next month! We went shopping for last minute supplies today as this will be our last chance to go to a store before we head to the field station. I bought a few things but I’m not sure where in the world I am going to put them since my bag is already on the verge of bursting!  I snapped a couple of pictures as we walked around the market but tomorrow I plan on taking a lot more as we make the trek up the river. I am so excited to take in my first glimse of the rainforest! Hopefully I will get some awesome pictures to share with you all!

In the motocar taxi on the way to the market with a couple of the girls…




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