Everything is Awesome


Today was so amazing! First of all the friaje is starting to lift a bit so the temperature today was absolutely perfect. This was our first full day of data collection so we all set out on our own to look for our monkeys. About 75 meters into the first trail I walked down I found my Titi monkeys! They are so cute! I was able to collect data for about 40 minutes before they ducked into this big tree full of vines that I nicknamed “the napping tree” because they all went in to a thick vine clump and didn’t come out for over an hour. After about 70 minutes of waiting I gave up and walked down another trail. A short while later I sat down on a log to fix my boot when all of the sudden another group of Titi monkeys crossed over my head on a thin little vine! I followed that group off the trail for a while before they lost me in the thick brush. By this time it was almost noon so I headed back to camp for lunch. We had yummy vegetables and rice for lunch with WATERMELON!!!! [side note: Dad, I read your email taunting me with your watermelon as I took my first bite… ha ha] Anyway, I decided to go out again after I grabbed some gear from my room and while I was in my room I heard Titi monkeys outside my window! There was another group right outside the door of my room! I still can’t believe my luck. Two of my classmates (Christian and Seamus) and I were able to follow that group for almost two hours. I was able to get some really cute video and pictures of the Titi monkeys eating and moving through the trees and vines, oh and some great data as well. When I got back to my room the internet was working pretty well and I was able to message my husband for a while. Awesome day!




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