Today’s post is a short one. Mostly I wanted to share this really great picture of a Titi eating an aguaje fruit (Mauritia flexuosa) that Seamus took today. I bought some aguaje fruit from the market in Puerto Maldonado. It has a really large seed inside and a scaly covering (almost like dragon scales) that you pick off revealing a thin layer of soft fruit that is slightly dry and has a texture similar to… nothing I have ever tasted. It actually tastes pretty good but it is a lot of work for very little fruit. We saw 3 groups of Titi monkeys today and were able to get several hours of data on them. Woohoo!

[photo credit: Seamus Riley]

That brown spot on the branch just above my left elbow are the Titi monkeys…



I also wanted to post a couple of pictures of the field station. The main building is the dining hall, where everyone goes to relax. It is cooler than our rooms and during the power hours in the evenings it is where most of us go to work and charge our computers.



The sitting porch where people read, chat, or play the old guitar.


The old 5-string guitar finally got its 6th string! Someone is usually playing this during the evening hours. It can be incredibly relaxing to listen to… depending on who’s playing. 😉



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