Jaguars and Star Fruit


This morning my Titi group (Christian, Seamus, Linda, and I) followed our Titi monkeys off trail through the jungle. it was so much fun! We were able to get about four hours of data from them before we finally lost them. Thankfully it was almost lunchtime so that worked out pretty well for us.

After lunch we heard that someone saw jaguar tracks on one of the trails so Dr. DeLuycker and I went down to find them. The prints we found were so awesome! We were both so excited as we followed the tracks down the muddy trail. It looked like there may have been two cats, one larger (pictured below) and one that was quite a bit smaller. We didn’t find them but we did find a star fruit tree at the end of the trail! We don’t get a lot of fruit around here so we were pretty excited about our fruity find. Most of the fruit was up pretty high in the tree so Dr. DeLuycker gave me a boost and I climbed up far enough to shake some of the fruit loose. It was worth it.

On my list of jungle favorites: Star fruit.








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    • They had several camera traps throughout the trail system. 🙂 The cat crew showed us some of the videos… there were a couple in which you would see one of the researchers walk by and then you would see a jaguar following behind a short time later! There were several cats around the station they were just very good at staying out of sight.

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