Tamandua and Jungle Cake


Yesterday was Varun and Tarzan’s birthday so some of the ladies in my group and the Peruvian ladies from Varun’s group collaborated in the kitchen to make them birthday cakes. It was quite a challenge since the kitchen is pretty basic and supplies are extremely limited. We managed to make one coffee and oreo cake by using a bit of instant coffee and most of our oreo cookie reserves and a star fruit-banana cake with a sugar glaze using some of the star fruit we picked from the tree and a couple of bananas we managed to beg from the Primates Peru researchers. It was so much fun working together to bake our clever creations. J Both of the cakes were so good! I can’t wait to make the star fruit-banana cake again when I get home!

This morning I was in the comedor working on my paper when I noticed everyone running to the cliff side. Not wanting to miss out on anything I jumped up and started running like a lemming to the water. There walking ever so slowly along the cliff was a Tamandua (anteater)! He was so cute and much smaller than I had imagined them being, I would estimate he was about the size of a large raccoon. A big thank you to Seamus for once again being at the ready with his camera! He was able to get a great video of the Tamandua climbing the tree. The picture below is a screen shot from his video.




(Courtney, Linda, Me, Anneke, Sonya, Pamela, Nadir, Ari, and Tuco in the kitchen baking bites of heaven) 😉


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