A Guilty Monkey and More Tamandua!!!


Today was so amazing! This morning our Titi monkeys came quite close to our dorm. We have an annona tree just outside our door and the Titis were eating the fruit from it. We were able to get about 7ft away from them. It was the closest we have been to them yet!

After lunch, I walked over to the steps that lead down to the water so that I could call home (the reception is better and there is a bit more privacy). While I was sitting on the steps talking on the phone I heard something sniffing just behind my head… I slowly turned around and there, about 2ft away from my face was the Tamandua!!! It was just sitting there sniffing me! The two of us sat there on the steps just staring at each other for about fifteen minutes before she finally decided to cross over and climb up a tree. I loved having her all to myself for a few moments. It was one of the most serene experiences I have had here. I can’t believe that I didn’t have my camera with me! Once she made her way to a branch I ran to the comedor and told everyone what had happened. They all ran out with their cameras in hand and we watched her for another hour and a half. Dr. DeLuycker was able to get some amazing shots of her (we named her Tammy the Tamandua) and Mini and Gideon (Primates Peru) captured some awesome video of Tammy foraging for ants. It was incredible!

A juvenile Titi monkey looking a bit guilty… I feel like this picture is just begging for clever captions.  😉

Titi guilty


Tamandua baby

Tammy the Tamandua  [photo credit: Dr. Anneke DeLuycker]


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