Just when I thought it was finally safe to go into the jungle without every part of my body covered, two of the guys here now have botflies!  One of them has a botfly in each arm. The other guy had two botflies in his forehead and one in his lip. They extracted all three of his botflies out this evening. He said he could feel them moving around under his skin while they were eating him. It was so gross, very creepy, and at the same time kind of cool. I am completely ok with
missing out on that particular jungle experience. If you are unfamiliar with the human botfly try googling human botfly removal. Or better yet, check out a few youtube videos on botfly removals.

Just don’t do it right after lunch. 😉


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    • Oh ya… that was a good one! lol The ones we saw extracted were much smaller. The guys knew what they were as soon as they could feel them moving around under their skin… eating their flesh. eeck! SO glad I managed to avoid getting one of those!

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