A Muddy Hike


Today Ari found a family of sleeping bats! They were only about 50 meters from our dorm so we all went out to take a look. They were so cute all huddled together! I looked them up online and I think they were Heller’s Broad-Nosed Bat (Platyrrhinus helleri). I still haven’t figured out the species of the first bats we saw. Google images runs incredibly slow here so I might have to wait until I get home for that search.

Our hike was pretty muddy after the heavy rain we had last night. I sunk my boots deep into the muddy water a couple of times today but by some crazy miracle I managed to not fall in! At one point in our hike we heard a noise and stopped. A group of well over 40 squirrel monkeys came tearing out of the trees all around us. It felt like it was raining squirrel monkeys as they leapt through the air from tree to tree across the trail just over our heads! There were even some capuchins mixed in with them. They were moving so fast that none of us could get a clear picture of them. It was a pretty incredible sight to see!

We also saw a tiny floating reptile (that I will try to identify when I get home), and the largest Amazonian tree I have seen yet! It looked like one of the trees from Jurassic Park. It was really beautiful.


The bat family!



Christian, Courtney, Linda, and I walking down one of the trails after the rain. [photo credit: Seamus Riley]


Tiny floating reptile. [photo credit: Seamus Riley]

Our drinking water after a heavy rain…. Mmmm yummy! lol

Our drinking water after a heavy rain…. Mmmm yummy! lol


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