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Farewell Rainforest


My husband told me to be sure to soak it all in and remember this trip forever… I can honestly say that I have appreciated every moment, even the miserable ones.

Today is our last day here at CICRA (Los Amigos Biological Field Station). This morning I took a long walk by myself down my favorite trail to a beautiful mirador overlooking the Los Amigos River. I sat there for a while just thinking about all of the things I have seen here and all of the great people I have met on this trip. It has truly been a wonderfully unique experience that will stay with me long after I go home. I really feel that I have a much clearer understanding of what it takes to do field research and I will say that it is much more work than I ever could have imagined. My hat is off to all of the researchers who devote months and even years to field research.

On my way back to the station I was fortunate enough to walk into a huge group of squirrel monkeys foraging right over the trail by one of my favorite sitting spots. I was able to get some great video but they move so fast that I couldn’t get a really good picture of them. It is really incredible to sit in the middle of the forest completely still and have monkeys climbing and leaping all around you. It was a great last hike.

For our last sunset here we all went down to the tower. It is a 75-meter tower that overlooks the canopy and the Madre de Dios River. It was a tough climb and one that I will never ever do again but it was so worth climbing it once. The view was breathtaking… It was the perfect way to say goodbye to the rainforest. I am ready to go home now.

I will be posting my favorite photos and videos on here when I get home so there will be more.

I’d like to thank the academy….

My heartfelt appreciation goes out to my amazing husband for his unwavering support, for holding down the fort so that I could go on this trip, and for continuously encouraging me to do awesome things, many of which I never thought were possible. Big hugs also to my girls for being so supportive and excited for me!

I want to thank Dr. Anneke DeLuycker for all of the time and planning that went into this trip, for all of the valuable information that I learned from her, and for her friendship along the way. I asked Bernie to watch over Tammy for us… 😉

Thank you Primates Peru for all of your encouragement and for sharing with us the incredible work that you all are doing here. Mini, Gideon, Gordon, Dara, Effie, Varun, and all of the research assistants, we had a lot of fun with you all and we learned so much!

Last but certainly not least, my classmates and new friends, it was truly my pleasure to meet and get to know each one of you. Remember when you are back home telling your tales of jungle adventures… we were in quicksand surrounded by a jaguar, a caiman, AND the largest anaconda on record. 😉



For the record, the view was incredible… the climb up and then back down was terrible. My legs feel like jello. I might not be able to walk tomorrow.


Linda is almost to the top!





Me at the top of the tower overlooking the canopy.